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Deep Learning in Housing Market Predictive Analytics (- , -)

Location-based pattern extraction and visual assessment in real-estate (ACM, -)

Assessment based on serious gaming interactive questions - SGIQ (JCAL, 2015)

Web-based laboratory for collaborative and concurrent CAD design (TV-TG, 2014)

The development of assembly constraints within a virtual laboratory for collaborative learning in industrial design (TV-TG, 2013)

Adaptive dynamic application for web-based graphics design (IJADE, 2014)

Development of assembly constraints in a virtual laboratory (TV-TG, 2013)

Comparative study of CAD software and Web3D technologies (IJCSI, 2012)


BookVIS: Enhancing Browsing Experiences in Bookstores and Libraries (SIGGRAPH Asia, 2019)

Active bidirectional learning in autonomous digital society (IEEE, 2019)

InfoVis, gamification, and immersive technologies in participatory planning (ACM CHI, 2018)

Stacking ensemble approach in real-estate predictions (IJCIE, 2018 - best paper award)

Web-based Application for Creative, Collaborative, and Concurrent Problem Solving (TMT, 2014)

Dynamic composition of curriculum for computer science courses (IEEE, 2012)

3D modeling educational environment (IEEE, 2011)

Virtual educational system and communication (IEEE , 2011)


3D graphics and animation, compulsory course literature (Belgrade, 2007)

Vector and raster graphics, compulsory course literature (Belgrade, 2008)

Thinking design, collection of works after 5 years (Belgrade, 2008)

Graphics design fundamentals, compulsory course literature (Belgrade, 2009)

Object-oriented programming in C++, compulsory course literature (Belgrade, 2010)


E14a: Building dynamic web applications for data analysis, Harvard University

E79: The Art and Design of Information, Harvard University