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Snap a photo and generate a visual dashboard

The application takes an input from a user - a picture of a book cover - and generates a set of visualizations in the form of a dashboard. The dashboard provides a visual exploration of a supplemental publishing information attached to a book. Furthermore, it provides recommendations on other books, media and movies, visualizes trends of interest to a user. This project provides a richer browsing experience merging the physical and digital worlds for users by exploring patterns in borrowing habits to provide tailored recommendations. The application leverages borrowing activity from the public library systems to analyze categories, titles, authors, and media types.

This project has been given to Harvard students for furter design and developemnt. It has been one of the final projects as part of the "E14a: Building Interactive Web Applications for Data Analysis" course. Check this webpage for its laters version made by Jennifer Cruz, Jason Hines, Brad Nissenbaum, Jeff Baglioni.